Re: Garry's Mod, CS and other new subcommunities We hear you - hopefully it won't be too long now. The reason this has taken so long is that the site has grown a lot faster than initially planned and we cannot add any more large sections without serious changes under the hood and to the way the site works. We have been working on a large update to solve this since the start of the year but as with anything Half-Life related, Valve time strikes again. As mentioned before, it will be very important that you follow and join the users/subcommunities you care about, as the next update is focused on giving you a lot more personalization over what you see by default. After this is out, our priority will be rolling out Gmod + other subcommunities, and returning to smaller, but regular feature updates. Thank you for your patience and support!


Give us a Release Date


Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen when things have already taken longer than planned!

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Commando Booce

When you release CS community add a "No trading" rule i (and all of us) don't want it spammed with offers for a 1600£ Ak47 case hardened

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Well.... If you can't give a date, then could be put a year that it MIGHT release?