A kingdom in L4D2 A new upcoming mod in development by me for l4d2. It is inspired by the kingdom games, Diablo 1 dungeons and off course l4d2. Release date: Hopefully (just) before the next Christmas season... Features: -strategy & base building gamemode included -base, town, castle, defensive structures and many other buildings/stuff to build in l4d2 -new costum coin system (sell/buy with coin) -all 8 survivors in the campaign, with L4D2 survivors being (stupid) NPCs and playable l4d1 survivors. -10 map campaign. -day/night cycle -night attack waves (to defend) -dynamic weather system on every level/map -dungeons inspired by Diablo 1 those dungeons include different columns/ hallways / routes etc each playsession. -costum new survivors skins -costum new Infected & specials skins and particle effects -costum new npc's with skins and very basic dumb ai. -and much much more...


This is amazing!!!

Apr 2

Thank you