Had an idea of a HL2 town themed survival map/mod centered around poison zombies. "You wait for the town's automatic gate to activate in the morning. The rebels told you this was a safe place, but so far you haven't seen anyone. There's a sinking feeling in your stomach." Player starts with a crowbar. There are a few abandonded houses littered around this small beach town. They have weapons and supply boxes. Player will explore an empty arena until they enter a building. This is to create that "eerie source engine map" kind of vibe. At this point a poison headcrab spawns in the entryway, forcing the player to fight or flee. One the player leaves a building, the map's timer begins. The player has 5 minutes to survive increasingly difficult waves of poison zombies until Morning at which the town's automatic gates open. The waves I remember are as follows: 1: 2 to 3 normal zombies but with poison headcrabs on top. 2: 3 to 4 normal zombies (all zombies in the map have poison headcrabs). And a normal headcrab zombie. 3: 2 fast poison headcrabs 4: 3 normal zombies and 2 fast zombies 5: (Final wave) 3 normal zombies, 1 poison zombie, and 2 fast zombies. (After writing this, I think this may be better suited to a gmod or even L4D map)

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