Left 4 Dead 2: Fandub Edition (ft. Kae McSpadden, Ronald Hamrák, CubicTuxedo) Have you ever wondered how the Left 4 Dead 2 cast would sound with different voices? We voice actors tend to dub over stuff sometimes. Most people, not necessarily actors just do dubs but with a comedic and funny story. Me and my team decided to re-dub the Left 4 Dead 2 movie intro, keeping the original script intact with some added voicework for best effect. It's been a fun couple of months, that's for sure! As for Nick, we decided to keep his original voice because he's cool. DISCLAIMER: We're not trying to be disrespectful towards the actual voice actors, we just did this for pure fun! Special thanks to Kajlo for helping out with sound engineering and making the environment around our voices more lively! CAST: Coach - Ronald Hamrák Ellis - Adrian "CubicTuxedo" Brunone - Rochelle - Kae McSpadden - Nick - Hugh Dillon -… #left4dead #left4dead2 #l4d2

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