here is want I want for half life 3. I want Gordon to use the portal gun and gravity gun to solve puzzles. I also want the story to be that the resistance tries to find the borealis inside aperture science. I also want there to be more synths and combine soldier variety. Also also maybe Adrian Shephard gets an appearance. I want Eli's death to play a BIG part the story. I also want there to be some chapters in which you go through time and the universe on the borealis. maybe a xen chapter or a 7 hour war chapter. also an advisor boss fight. Race x would maybe return. weapon upgrades and Russel would be cool. I want there to be a focus on stealth so suppressed weapons would be cool. landmines and snarks. more melee weapons like a knife or a wrench. and a lot more Headcrab zombies. also an upgraded and bulky HEV suit.

[S҉W҉E] ҉҉P҉ans҉aR

You want Eli's death to play a big part in the story? Bro spoiler up ahead 1...2...3 he's kinda not dead anymore, When half-life Alyx came out we saw him get resurrected.