I am headcrab le me eat head

Joined 7 Mar 2023
Your backyard

Journal.txt Day 2 Something has the humans freaked out. I've noticed large numbers of them disappearing, and everyone seems to be on edge. I think it might have something to do with why that lab was sealed off. I've done some investigation and surveillance and I have made some shocking discoveries in relation to the other headcrab here. She is indeed a pet and is... debeaked. The very idea of being debeaked is disgusting to me. I suppose it must be similar to the idea of a human having their genitals sliced off. Still, the humans aren't great at telling us apart, and she goes into the vents all the time. This could provide some cover for me. Furthermore, I think one of the predators has a suspicion I'm here. It's one of the ones in the kitchen crew, and he keeps checking the vents. As far as I can tell, this is unusual behavior for them. I will have to be exceptionally careful. If one of them even sees me, it's over.


journal.txt Day 1 I gained access to a closed lab today. I heard the humans mention that nobody was supposed to go in there until a hazmat team could clear it out on Friday. After a little bit of camping, I determined it was safe to go in. The humans must not know I'm here. Inside the lab, I found this laptop computer. Took me a while, but I think I've figured out how to use it. At least, some of the more rudimentary features. This will prove invaluable. In further news, I think there's another headcrab here. I hear a female every now and then, squeaking in the vents. It's hard to tell where it's coming from, you can basically hear everything in there, but the other day I heard one of the humans going up into the vents to retrieve her. I think she might be a... pet? I will have to investigate further.


Being a headcrab is honestly fun as hell. I believe that most of you would enjoy it if you had the ability to. So please, stop insulting us. We're just having fun.


We demand recognition from the Combine Universal Union as an intelligent and fully developed race. Please stop throwing us at people.