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Ranking Half-Life 1 chapters: 1. "We've Got Hostiles" It feels like a completely different area as you exit the office complexes and enter what I think is a shipping complex? The combat stays fresh the entire chapter, as well as the chapter itself having a lot of storytelling. The brief section on the surface helped keep me going, almost like the fresh air revitalized my playthrough through Gordon Freeman. My only question is: where did the zombie in the vent go? 10/10


Yeah, no, the furry fandom has gone too far. Watch out guys, apparently being a Half-Life fan is now one of the biggest red flags there is! God, and I'm working with these people...


In HL2 there's a music file called HL2_song10.mp3. I noticed it while playing the original 2004 version of the game, so IDK if it's still in the current version. It plays when you enter Dr. Kleiner's lab for the first time, and I swear to god it's both calming and haunting at the same time. Anyone know anything about it?