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Got somethin goin on for the Team Fortress 2 fans of this site.. and some more Half-Life projects! Ill talk about the Half-Life one, im making a video about Half-Life Alyx: Levitation! Look forward to it. To satiate the wait, please watch my Open Fortress video!

sorry i've been gone LambdaGeneration, i love you guys. This is my favorite community


man its been a minute.. Delaying the Half-Life 2 video by a month or two. No set planned release.

Damn, my map didnt get 1st - 12th place. Better luck next time, i guess! Congrats to the first place winner!


Attention, LambdaGeneration Users, Current time is 18 Hundred and 28 Hours, and the Topside temperature is 95°, with a high of 103°. A reminder to all Black Mesa Personnel to watch Catzz' video, Half-Life: The Best Game Of All Time, before his Half-Life 2 video comes out somewhere next month. Have a very safe and productive day.

Now that i have finished both part 1 and 2 of the Half-Life 1 Retrospectives, its on to Half-Life 2. It will be done in about 1 - 2 months. Short break. I will be doing its respective episodes too, and maybe a short video on the canceled Return to Ravenholm. Not sure about doing Half-Life: Alyx though. i havent finished it 100% yet.