I was practising a route for "Point Intersection" at the start of the game and somehow accidentally got into the combine vehicle by pressing "E" just like any other vehicle but I had no idea you can get into that car its impossible to get into the other car on this map which is driving at the end of the recording my game just crashed

I feel like i found something huge i am new to the half life 2 speedrunning stuff so maybe this is known but i can somehow clip through this train by saveloading in a specific time please tell me if you know more about it and if you dont I´d appreciate if you share it

i found these weird shooting bullets no idea what this is, it doesnt react to me or any objects all it is is a particle with sound is that a glitch?

Alyx made this barrel fly? idk if that glitch is already discovered, I didnt hear of it yet

Funny how I got a new pb in portal during a shit run and when I actually try to beat it I’m 2 minutes behind