Something great about John Patrick Lowrie and Mary Kae Irvin's performances as citizens in Half-Life 2 is that they make the citizens sound both extremely generic, but also extremely expressive. The voice of just an average everyday person, yet it doesn't feel like citizens are talking to themselves, but to each other with how many different expressions and tones are done with the voices. I don't think Valve could've chosen anyone better.


yeah i remember watching sfm videos where tf2 sniper would use citizen voice lines (which, at the time confused me), but now knowing that both characters were voiced by john patrick lowrie, it makes more sense granted the characters are very different (citizens have a basic american voice and sniper from tf2 has a heavy australian accent) but it just expands the variety of voice lines for both characters

Gordon Freeman

If you review EP1 and EP2 VO files for the Citizens, They are really expressive and kinda angry and violent, Here are many lines under Their leader's gone! Why the hell are they sticking around? *For soldiers* Damn these things! *For Antlions* Don't let that thing get ahold of your head! *For Headcrabs* Oh, hey Freeman. And this must be the little lady. *For Alyx* Look out, it's gonna unload! *For Gunship*