"Cyber-Strike 2077" is a creation made by Childeric_Bantu, (with AymericTheNightmare). For this edit, we filmed contemplative gameplay on different futuristic maps, and we added the sounds ourselves (from Cyberpunk 2077, Half-Life 2, Sin Episodes Emergence, and much more) to perfect the cyberpunk artistic process. Here are the maps that were used: Dust II077, Mirage 2077, Train 2077, Nuke 2077, Overpass 2077, de_Cybercity, ze_honkai_impact_3rd_cyberpunk_cityv26_6, ze_cyberpunk_x_a07, Vertigo 2051, de_Star. A remake, "Cyber-Strike 2078" has been made since, by AymericTheNightmare, and will be released soon.

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