Do you know any "alternate history" mods to recommend? (set in the retail half-life games, no beta or alpha mods) Like, dunno... Half-Life 1 but it was actually a very safe and productive day. Half-Life 2 but Barney didn't manage to help Gordon escape. Half-Life: Opposing Force but the HECU succeed on their mission. get it?



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There is Half-life Anti-Climax, Half-life Invasion, I think Down Deep and Down Deeper are alternate history since they don't go to the Arctic in EP3, and I guess Azure Sheep maybe. I know for certain, the first two of what you're looking for. There was VANCE for HL2, a mod about where Gordon dies in decline to Gman's offer, for that mod was canceled and the developer did it release the files for it. Also, the fuck that developer, he was a bigoted person. We need more alt history mods...