Dark-Life 2 is an upcoming mod made by Broken Light Studios. In this Half-Life 2 mod, the day / night cycle is reversed compared to the original game. The atmosphere has been cleverly redesigned, in particular through its new play of shadow and light. While the gameplay remains faithful to the Half-Life 2 that we know so well. While the mod knows how to keep Half-Life 2 fans waiting, the developers were kind enough to release a demo version. So here it is: Dark-Life 2 Demo. This demo contains 12 maps, spread over 3 chapters: - Route Kanal - "We don't go to Ravenholm" - Anticitizen One I played honestly, contemplatively, as if I discovered the original game in 2004. The video is of course uncommented, and has French subtitles. I didn't need it since I understand English well, but since the option was checked, I kept it. I hope you enjoy! Download it here:…

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