From: To: Subject: Black Mesa Civilian Recruitment Division Date: 05-Jan, 2:37 PM Dear Administrator, In light of recent developments in the Anomalous Materials Laboratories, we’ve found ourselves somewhat understaffed for the given workload pushed upon us. I would like to take the time to recommend the use of the Black Mesa Civilian Recruitment Division to increase our workforce. I speak on behalf on everyone in the Anomalous Materials Lab when I say that we could really use the extra minds and hands. Understandably, the work currently performed within the Anomalous Materials Laboratories and surrounding divisions are of a top-secret nature. Despite this, I still strongly recommend a push for the recruitment of suitable individuals to level 3 clearance in order to assist with the development of the new “Anti-Mass Spectrometer” project. I understand that the process of locating, assessing, and recruiting new workforces to level 3 clearance is a long and arduous endeavour, so I wish to personally recommend the accelerated recruitment of one suitable individual currently on the wait list within the BMCRD: One Doctor Gordon Freeman, MIT graduate with a PhD in Theoretical Physics, shows great promise towards the fields of research performed within the Anomalous Materials Lab. I can personally vouch for his skills as a scientist, as he has been the subject of my mentorship for the past year. I undoubtedly and wholeheartedly believe that Gordon would be an excellent contribution to the Anomalous Materials Laboratories team, and I wish to work alongside Dr. Freeman within our laboratories sooner rather than later. I hope to hear your response and approval of my selection in due time! Yours sincerely, Dr. Isaac Kleiner.

Sep 18

This email needs to be forwarded to Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Keller immediately as they are acting developers and coordinators, regarding the project. CC Doctors Cross and Green as we are expecting a schedule change and shift in personnel soon. The administrator needs to approve first before that change occurs.