"hazard01" is an unreleased hazard course, from Half-Life 2 Beta. This map was last modified on December 11, 2002. And, this is one of the most iconic and weird cut maps. Indeed, Isaac Kleiner asks Gordon Freeman to shoot a box of "supplies and ammunition". But there are "unforeseen consequences"... This destroys a kind of pipe or scaffolding. Kleiner explicitly asks not to move, and to wait for his return. Surely to remedy the situation. But our man with the crowbar does not hear it that way. Gordon decides to go see what's going on. Things take a odd turn from there. A ghostly hologram of the G-Man makes a brief appearance. Surprising indeed, but what about the corpses of zombies and headcrabs that seem to be under study, or the furtive presence of an Alien Assassin? Gordon eventually reaches a "steel corridor", in which peculiar visual and auditory hallucinations occur. Our scientist seems irresistibly drawn to the end of this corridor. A door opens. The G-Man stands there, surrounded by effects, each more bizarre than the last. Looks like mathematical formulas and medical reports. The man with the briefcase therefore declares: "Cleverly done, Mr. Freeman, but you're not supposed to be here. As a matter of fact, you're not. Get back where you belong, and forget about all this, until we meet again..." Gordon eventually returns to the first room, with Kleiner. The latter then asks to shoot the ammunition box again. Everything seems to be going well this time. The scene with the G-Man, was it a hallucination or was it real? All this makes the G-Man even more mysterious than ever...

Jan 14

It's kind of interesting how meta Gman's voice lines in the beta actually are. It's like he's actually telling the people who are playing through the leak maps to get back to retail Half-Life 2 and forget about everything that was uncovered in the leak, because you're not supposed to be seeing them.


Haha that's an original thought, indeed! :)