-CONTINUATION FROM LAST POST different points in time. "So where IS Wheatley? Get to the point! Wouldn't something THAT technologically advanced be reported and the information be saved? Wouldn't it be studied, or worshipped, or stored somewhere special?" Well my friend, I think it was. Behold: The Eye Of Magnus! (The Eye of Magnus was made thousands of years before the events of Skyrim) Many people have speculated what might be in the eye of magnus, yet there is no definitive answer. I think that it is entirely possible, heck, even likely that he is who is in this magical sphere. This answer not only answered the first question, but also kinda the second. To answer the third question, well we all know Aperture Science. And while we don't know EXACTLY how much that AS technology can take (Damage-wise.), we do know that it can be a whole lot, justified by GLaDOS being able to survive a destroyed facility literally falling on her for a very long, unknown amount of time, and by all of the turrets that you can find at the bottom of the facility in Portal 2, which have all presumably fallen. These, and a few other examples really support this theory. In conclusion, I think that there may be more in common of the two different games than we might think. I have probably not remembered to say everything, I am a pretty forgetful person, and I am sure that there are many more questions, which is why I posted the theory here, to be helped by other theorists or something.... Anyway, I just wanted to share this theory with you guys, hope that you all enjoyed! And who knows, maybe if this is all true, we might hear the low rumble of a combine drop ship in the next Elder Scrolls VI trailer. ;) P.S. In all honesty, it would be EPIC to see how a war between the combine and the people/armies of Tamriel would play out.

[S҉W҉E] ҉҉P҉ans҉aR

This got to be the best theory I've heard here in a while