Perftest Art is a Beta Creation. All these little pieces of maps come from "perftest" and "perftestb" from HL2 Beta. By combining (pun intended) these videos, and adding music from Mishaps In The Reactor Chamber, we get a tasty mix of Valve Cut Content. I even created a small scenario, unofficial, of course: Imagine, after the events of Half-Life 1, the G-Man wakes Gordon from his stasis in order to test his abilities and reflexes. In order to do this, our favorite scientist must succeed in breaking out of various Portal worthy test rooms. Gordon walks through those different rooms, containing among others: Robotic Loaders, electric gas, a multitude of screens, plenty of water, or different light effects... The G-Man as well as his collaborators (from Hostile Takeover) watch the slightest movements of the man with the crowbar. Gordon Freeman's skills are perfect for the next mission: Save Earth and Humanity from the oppression of the Combine... Once his "test" is accomplished, Gordon finds himself in a mysterious place from which he cannot escape... Time? It is not yet that time.

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