Hey, I've got a theory that I have been thinking about/working on for a while. The theory is showing that the world of Tamriel (Elder Scrolls) and Earth (From the Portal/Half Life series) are in the same universe. To start off, Valve and Bethesda worked on and implemented a mod together into the Steam workshop which enables the player to witness the "Space Core" from Portal falling from the sky and landing near a watchtower. They can then pick up the core and it will talk to them, mostly incoherently mumbling about space. Now, at the end of Portal, basically anyone who's played will know that Wheatley and the Space Core were shot into space at high speeds with no way of stopping. I think that the two cores could have flown through space to or mostly to the world where the events of the Elder Scrolls series takes place. I am sure a lot of you are saying, "Well, where's Wheatley then?" or "How did they travel that far in the first place?" or maybe "Wouldn't they get destroyed on entry into a planet's atmosphere, let alone when they plummet to the ground?" All three of these questions are very good ones, but I have answers for all of them. To answer the first one, I believe that Wheatley and The Space Core went through a Black Hole. Now, don't scroll away just yet, there's proof! When the Space Core is in your inventory, one of the voice lines it will say is, "Atmosphere. Uh, uh, Black Holes. Asteroids. Jupi-Jupiter, The Big Dipper. THE BIG DIPPER!!!" Which could be the Space Core listing off a series of things he saw in space, or experienced, including a black hole, an atmosphere, asteroids, Jupiter, and the big dipper. (Note: this may also imply that the planet could be in one of the solar systems of the stars that we see in the Big Dipper.) The reason why I thought that it was a black hole, along from it being mentioned by the Space Core, is because I think that it would be entirely possible that they both went into the Black Hole, but came out at -SEE NEXT POST

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