"e3_strider03" is an old demonstration map from Half-Life 2 Beta. It was meant to be shown at E3 2003. The map is in several different parts. The player spawns in a ruined, burnt building, from which several Striders can be seen in the distance. A model of Alyx performs several animations, due to the fire next to her. Once outside, we see a completely black Alyx, looking at a Strider embedded in a building. You can see the Citadel from there. As we move forward, we see several buildings destroyed by the Striders. On the right, under the eyes of a 3rd Alyx, a Strider shoots on several barrels and cars. On the left, two Striders face each other, peacefully, near an orange smoke. In front, two citizens overlooking all this chaos, contemplate the scene. At the end, behind, is a large courtyard, surrounded by trees and gardens, is the last Strider, protecting the area. This map was last edited on December 12, 2002.

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