- I personally find the coloured bar at the top of the screen a bit jarring. Perhaps a feature to toggle it on/off? Or maybe have it slide out of view when scrolling down, but reappear when scrolling up, like the address bar in a phone browser! - A lighter orange in the HL page would be really nice Otherwise I love the new layout! This community suddenly feels a whole lot bigger!

Dr. Isaac Kleiner

I forgot to specify that when I'm talking about the coloured bar, I mean the desktop version of the site. Mobile is pretty good!

Sep 14

SAMEEEE, and it fells kinda pressuring everything down from top....

Your Average HECU Soldier

Yeah it seems like there is some cookie policy or terms of service or alert or something...


I agree the top bar looks really weird. I'm still getting used to this new layout, and it honestly distracts from the actual side bar at times.

Sep 13

I'm the same TBH