G-Man was the villain and here is my proof. first of all gman never released adrian second of all gman kidnapped alyx (or at least I think so) maybe he even delivered the crystal to black mesa but that's all, if you have any theories leave it in the comments

Jan 30

if we dont fight him in hl3 i will be disappointed

[S҉W҉E] ҉҉P҉ans҉aR

1. We don't know if he is released or not, he might be working in the shadows or maybe he was deployed at a time before he was put in stasis, he will be put to use when G-man deems it necessary. 2. It was not kidnapping, she basically traded her life for her fathers. 3. If G-man is the leading cause of what started it all we can't call him evil due to our lack of knowledge of what intentions he had when he did so. he got a master plan, if this plan turns out to be the greater good of humanity or not, we just have to wait to find out.